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Is Prostate Biopsy Painful?

Prostate biopsy is the procedure of taking multiple biopsy with the help of ultrasound, usually from the breech canal (between the rectum and the egg bag in some centers) in case of suspected prostate cancer. Usually 10-12 pieces are taken. Extra pieces are also taken in repetitive biopsies and those with suspicious lesions in MRI. This procedure can be performed in the outpatient clinic, in the patient's room or in the operating room.

In order for this procedure to be painless, local anesthesia is applied before it is performed in the outpatient clinic or in the patient's room. The procedure is performed after local anesthesia with a needle around the prostate. In this way, the patient only feels the needle taking a piece, but does not feel pain.

Depending on the patient's request or the surgeon's own request, this procedure can be performed in the operating room with sedoanalgesia (light mashing method). In particular, it is more convenient to perform fusion biopsy in the operating room. During this procedure, the patient does not feel anything.

Even a short time after the prostate biopsy procedures, which are performed under anesthesia with both methods, pain is usually not felt. In very rare cases, such as bleeding or inability to urinate comfortably, pain in the groin and breech region may be experienced for a day or two.