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What Does the Gleason Score 6 Mean?

Gleason score 6 is the pathological designation of a prostate cancer of the best grade. The Gleason score is a scoring system that is given according to the changes in the cellular basis during the diagnosis of the material sent after biopsy and surgery with auxiliary methods. In cases with different cell types, the Gleason score consists of the scores of the first and second tumor types (Gleason 3+4), which are the most common. It is scored as a repetition of the same score (Gleason 3+3) in prostate cancers where different types are not seen.

The lowest grade cancer type is Gleason 3. The worst cancer cell is Gleason 5. Prostate cancer with only the Gleason Score 3 pattern is referred to as 3+3=6. In other words, a Gleason score of 6 means prostate cancer with the lowest grade and best cellular properties that can be detected.

To avoid confusion in this situation, international pathology guidelines have decided to change the terminology. Accordingly, Gleason 3+3=6 prostate cancer grade I, 3+4=7 prostate cancer grade II, 4+3=7 prostate cancer grade III, 4+4/3+5/5+3=8 grade IV, Those with Gleason 9 and 10 were also classified as grade V prostate cancer.