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Penis Enlargement and Sexual Performance Enhancement Operation

What is Penis Enlargement and Sexual Performance Enhancement Operation?


It is a rebirth application that creates a holistic rejuvenation in men's health and eliminates all problems such as Penis Shortness, Penis Thinness, Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation that make men gain a muscular abdomen in a single operation.

Sexual and aesthetic 7 solutions together!
One operation, big change!
All in 3 hours!

The choice of those who want to start over IRON MAN In the package;

  • Liposuction - Six Pack
  • Penis Extension - P Long
  • Penis Enlargement - P Classic ± P Neo
  • Glans Penis Enlargement - P Glans
  • Scrotum Aesthetic Surgery - P Scrotoplasty
  • Performance Boost - P Steem
  • Premature Ejaculation Treatment - P-Ejaculation

Ideal for men who want the best results in the shortest time possible.
Seven procedures are applied in the same session and life starts again after the operation.

1. Liposuction - Fit for Abdominal Muscles

Six pack

Six Pack Abdominal Muscle application, which is made for a more muscular and healthier appearance, is an easy, advantageous and immediate result. “Six Pack” is an effective operation that gives a muscular appearance to the abdominal area and creates a clear contour. Those who could not achieve the desired abdominal muscle appearance despite doing sports, those who want a more aesthetic and sporty body, those who want to have the appearance of abdominal muscles in a shorter time, prefer the abdominal muscle application.

It is applied with general anesthesia. In the operation, the fat tissue in the areas where the abdominal muscles are curved is preserved or increased with fat filling, and the fat tissue in the areas where the muscles are dimpled is removed with the liposuction technique to obtain the abdomen with six muscles in men.

  • No incision is made.
  • It is a painless procedure.
  • Processing is done with micro-inputs, no traces are left.
  • The recovery period is short.
  • Provides you with abdominal muscles and an aesthetic appearance in a short time

2. Penis Extension

P Long

It is based on the removal of the part of the penis remaining in the body. 80% of the suspensory ligament of the penis is cut, the retropubic skin tissue is fixed to the bottom and the penis is exposed. By revealing the invisible part of the penis, elongation is achieved. In other words, the existing penis is revealed. An average of 2-3 cm elongation is achieved in the penis. This elongation occurs when the penis is deflated and erect. There is no hardening or loss of sensation in the penis. Penile lengthening surgery, which is a permanent operation, cannot be repeated.

Penis Extension

3. Penis Enlargement

P Classic - Penis Enlargement with Oil Filler

Fat Transfer is the most used method for penis enlargement. The application is made by taking the regional fat, processing it and transferring it to the penis area. Fat is often removed from the abdomen or thighs by liposuction. The oil is then centrifuged, filtered so that the fat cells are isolated and free of other unnecessary content. Next, oil is injected around the penis shaft using special injection techniques to ensure the survival of the oil. Since fat transfer cells are obtained from the patient's own body, there is no risk of allergic reaction. It is a repeatable application.

Penis Enlargement

P Neo – Penis Enlargement with Allograft

Allograft, 'Acellular Dermis' It is the process of thickening the penis using A surgical technique developed by our clinic is used. A dermal graft is placed on the penis shaft through a suprapubic 3 cm incision. The Allograft used is a safe, biocompatible, human-derived product. The graft, which has natural collagen and elastin preserved skin tissue, is nonantigenic. The most important feature is that it is not absorbed and does not cause penile deformities seen in other filled materials. In addition, since it has a soft texture, it does not create a foreign body perception. The application and healing process is similar to other filling materials.

4. Glans Penis Enlargement

P Glans

Penis head enlargement is done with Oil or Hyaluronic Acid injection. One year after the application, 20-40% will be absorbed and 60-80% will be permanent. Depending on the patient's preference and the structure of the penis, 2-5 cc filling can be made. With this application, the circumference of the Glans will increase proportionally. Natural looking growth will be achieved. The main purpose of the surgery is to provide the patient's psychological satisfaction with visual improvement. Glans augmentation using dermal fillers is limited to the circumference of the penile body, therefore, the application of glans penis enlargement is recommended in conjunction with penile enlargement surgery.

Glans Penis Enlargement

5. Scrotum Aesthetic Surgery

P Scrotoplasty

It is a scrotal stretching procedure performed to correct excessive laxity and wrinkling of the scrotal skin or by removing the curtain-shaped skin under the penis. Along with the aesthetic correction, the excessive laxity of the scrotal skin, which can be an obstacle during physical activity, is corrected. Or, the penis size is revealed by correcting the scrotal curtain. Therefore, it is a personalized operation. Especially due to the characteristic of the scrotal skin, the scar can be easily hidden. For this reason, an aesthetic result with high patient satisfaction is obtained.

6. Stem Cell Injection into the Penis

P Stem - Stem Cell

Stem cells are taken from the fat tissue of the person's own body and transferred to the penis. For treatment, approximately 50 cc of adipose tissue is taken from the person and subjected to an enzymatic reaction. Here, a liquid containing up to 5 cc of stem cells is obtained. This liquid is injected into the right and left sides of the penis, the hardened parts (cavernous bodies). Application Recommended once a year. Its sexual performance-enhancing effect is an application accepted in modern medicine.

P Stem Cell

7. Premature Ejaculation Treatment with Botox


Premature ejaculation ranks first among male sexual dysfunctions and negatively affects the sexual and psychological life of the person and his partner. Its incidence in clinical studies has been found to be around 30%. It creates a lack of self-confidence in the person. Also, your partner may be unhappy with this sexual dysfunction.

A multifaceted approach is required in the treatment of premature ejaculation. After diagnosis, Behavioral therapy, Start-stop technique, P-shot and Medical treatments are applied. These classical treatments are not sufficient today. That's why, together with these treatment methods, we get successful results with BOTOX injection, which is a new technique in our clinic.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment with Botox

Iron Man Things to know about the package

  • It is made for men over the age of eighteen.
  • Seven operations are performed simultaneously.
  • The process takes only 3 hours.
  • It can be performed under general anesthesia, in operating room conditions.
  • One night stay in the hospital under surveillance.
  • On the third day, the dressing is opened.
  • He can take a bath on the fourth day.
  • On the fifth day, he can travel.
  • It can work on the tenth day.
  • Sexual life can be started in the 4th week.